Fagus and preserved products

Stabilized flowers, also known as preserved flowers, are natural flowers that have undergone a preservation process to extend their beauty and lifespan. Unlike dried flowers that can become brittle and lose their vibrant colors, preserved flowers retain their natural appearance, texture, and flexibility for an extended period of time. These preserved blooms require minimal maintenance and don’t require water or sunlight to maintain their beauty.

The preservation process typically involves replacing the natural sap and moisture within the flowers with a preserving solution, often a mixture of glycerin and other plant-based components. This process helps maintain the flowers’ structure and color. After preservation, the flowers can be used for various decorative purposes, such as in floral arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral crafts.

Benefits of preserved flowers include:

  1. Longevity: Preserved flowers can last for months or even years without wilting or losing their color and shape.
  2. Low Maintenance: Since preserved flowers don’t need water or sunlight, they require very little maintenance, making them suitable for environments where live flowers might not thrive.
  3. Variety: A wide range of flower types and colors can be preserved, allowing for a diverse selection for floral arrangements.
  4. Allergen-Free: Preserved flowers are typically hypoallergenic since they don’t release pollen or fragrance.
  5. Sustainability: Preserving flowers can reduce the demand for freshly cut flowers, contributing to a more sustainable approach to floral design.
  6. Memories: Preserved flowers can be used to commemorate special occasions, as they retain their beauty as a lasting memory.

Keep in mind that while preserved flowers have distinct advantages, they are not suitable for every situation. They may be more expensive than fresh flowers due to the preservation process, and their availability might be limited compared to fresh blooms. Additionally, some individuals prefer the authenticity and fragrance of fresh flowers.

If you’re interested in using or learning more about preserved flowers, I recommend contacting florists or businesses that specialize in preserved floral arrangements. They can provide you with more information on the process, available flower types, and design options.